Saturday, April 17, 2010

ROI on Social Media .....Conflicting Interests and Mindsets!!!!!

I read this article what is the ROI for social media which had a very educative video on social media for this week discussions.

In the business world, the CEO's or Senior Marketing Officers are primarily concerned on generating income and boosting sales, they pump money and make huge investments in social media and are highly expectant of returns but according to Jason falls of the social media explorer the problem with trying to determine ROI is trying to put numeric quantities around human interactions and conversations which are not quantifiable.

The idea of social media out there is communication. In communicating, we build relationships with customers and different people. The CEO'S are simply interested in getting money but is it just about the money?the return on investment truly is the healthy conversations and content out there. You building a relationship out of trust and getting meaningful content from conversations should be regarded as ROI not the customers hard earned money.

People are not going to be happy if they realize that the goal of the social media expert or personnel during discussions or interactions is to extract their money and empty their pockets.

Customers need satisfaction and trust!!!!!

Humans are good marketing agents and thus building trust in a customer of your product can boost sales of the product, by one person telling a group of friends or colleagues, family members, etc but it all depends on the conversations.

So as a CEO,which is more important to you, a potential customer's money or trust?


  1. I agree with you that customers need satisfaction and trust but I also think that companies provide this satisfaction and trust to clients and customers only because there is some monetary gain behind it.

  2. @ aamirkhan ....You may me right but we all are different individuals with different motivations some can include money some just passion......

  3. I dont see how people would be anymore turned off by the ulterior motives of making money behind social media than any other marketing campaign. Marketing in any form is designed to engage readers, viewers or listeners and then take their money.

  4. I agree, the best marketing is not instinctively considered marketing by the target audience

  5. I'm sure blind-eye marketing with be the future where companies dress up a product so nice, that you are unaware of being sold something.

  6. I mean you are right that a CEO wants his customers trust but there's no denying that the ultimate goal of any company is to make money. I think that they should use social media to gain trust but with that trust should come with money because if they trust you and you listen to them then they will buy your product and thus you will make profit. So there for i see no problem thinking in terms of money because that means they will do exactly what you want for the customers which is listen to them and trust them.