Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Cloning" the Real world

I am on K Street shopping at Georgetown, i bring out my smartphone and take a picture, it then shows me pictures and posts of my friends that are around, not forgetting to give me their location.

Is that not cool?Yes i believe it is......Thanks to the new AR Technology

Today we can make use of our smartphones to locate places, people and things of interest using GPS which has a virtual map of the world.

This technology behind the virtual world is remarkable as it has brought a connection between the real and virtual worlds.It tends to simulate almost all aspects of life including love, sports, relationships, the universe and is applied in gaming, video, science, imagery, business etc.

This amazing technology is advancing but it is costly. On the other hand, it generates income.The AVATAR movie that came out a few weeks ago in 3D has gulped over $1.5billion in revenue.

This new generation technology would boost sales through advertisements and also provide customer satisfaction. Wouldn't you like to take a virtual tour to MARS or a yacht cruise to the Carri-bean islands?

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Youngest Charming CEO in the world
I wondered why i had to cut my head off from this charming picture of mine??

I am the new CEO of Me.Inc a company motivated to offer professional and customer friendly services to the world.

Your Brand is the image of your product in the market

The whole idea of Branding is marketing your product or service. Branding is not easy as you must come up with a unique brand name to distinguish your product or service from the market. But, it all starts from a single step that you have to take.

As individuals you all have ideas and stuff i.e products and services to offer no matter how little, big, brilliant, ridiculous, smart, or funny it may seem to be. With the help of social networking tools and the web we can start branding and marketing our products and services ranging from apparel, restaurants, phones, business and accounting firms etc.

We all love rocking popular designer clothings and apparel on a daily basis like Gucci, Louis V, Polo, True religion, etc but would it not be nice someday if you see people patronising your brand?

The wonders of Smartphones

Smartphones of the 21st century have been of so much use and help most especially to the younger ones.

They contain varied applications and programs that help our everyday life and also helps business.

The GPS chips on these smartphones help us not to lose directions as well as locating the closest McDonalds to you when your hungry.....I like that!!!!

These smartphones help us do more than just send text and receive calls. They allow us to send photos, videos, emails etc as well as receiving them...isnt that Beautiful?

The war amongst the N900, Iphone, Blackberry and the HTC is on which side would you support?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Google + Facebook = ??????

Welcome back....!!!!>>>>
I heard about the latest Nokia phone that came out from a friend while chatting on Facebook, and the next thing i did was to go to Google to search for the Nokia N900 smartphone.

I think you would practically do the same if it were you. The Google search engine help potential buyers by providing them necessary information about a product.

The market the say is an interaction between people.

This is what Facebook capitalized on by coming up with the concept of people connecting with people.It provided the marketers spaces on their site to create pages and put ads which would attract the central connectors who if are impressed by the product viewed or used, spread the efficacy of the product to other friends of theirs who in turn tend to purchase the product.

Thumbs up Mark!!!!....Smart Kid

The duo of Facebook and Google should be applauded for this transformational step in advertising from the era of running up and down or moving from block to block trying to sell a product to the era of sitting on a comfortable chair and desk and posting ads about your product and making reasonable sales.

So what would you do as a marketer to promote your product?