Saturday, April 17, 2010

ROI on Social Media .....Conflicting Interests and Mindsets!!!!!

I read this article what is the ROI for social media which had a very educative video on social media for this week discussions.

In the business world, the CEO's or Senior Marketing Officers are primarily concerned on generating income and boosting sales, they pump money and make huge investments in social media and are highly expectant of returns but according to Jason falls of the social media explorer the problem with trying to determine ROI is trying to put numeric quantities around human interactions and conversations which are not quantifiable.

The idea of social media out there is communication. In communicating, we build relationships with customers and different people. The CEO'S are simply interested in getting money but is it just about the money?the return on investment truly is the healthy conversations and content out there. You building a relationship out of trust and getting meaningful content from conversations should be regarded as ROI not the customers hard earned money.

People are not going to be happy if they realize that the goal of the social media expert or personnel during discussions or interactions is to extract their money and empty their pockets.

Customers need satisfaction and trust!!!!!

Humans are good marketing agents and thus building trust in a customer of your product can boost sales of the product, by one person telling a group of friends or colleagues, family members, etc but it all depends on the conversations.

So as a CEO,which is more important to you, a potential customer's money or trust?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I know the FUTURE>!>!>!>!>!.........

Welcome Back to my Blog!!!!>>>>>

One is amazed at the beauty and importance of these Social media and networks. The numbers are increasing fairly on a daily basis but they enhance communication, cooperation, build relationships between strangers and a whole lot of other stuff!!!..

If this is the Present,what can we think or say how the future would be?Technology moves at a rapid pace and i am optimistic things will be better.

I read this article "Social Media 2012: 11 Trends You Should Watch" and i found out that these social networks in the future will have predicted trends such as less privacy settings, more social content online such as blogs, photos, videos etc, information about friends or people will be easily accessible and obtained because the use of Augmented reality would be implemented, dramatic increase in the marketing of this social media and networks , creation of new tools and devices to enhance social interactions, more collaboration and engagement and more prominent real-time information from search engines.

I can not wait to know how Facebook will be like in 10 years from now..........

The one thing we should not forget about the future trends of social media is the brain and the human mind behind it. The social media is not going to get enhanced on its own manually, there is the one important factor out there called "HUMANS" who will think, plan, and implement the different changes and predictions about the future of these social media and networks

Everyone has a part to play in the FUTURE of the social media, what is yours?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Social Gaming : Let's PLAY!!!!

I am so glad to talk about Social gaming....I love games a lot!!!!I hope you do?

The idea behind social gaming is playing games as well as interacting with other people while playing Social gaming has been a great tool used by most social networking sites but the most popular one of them is Facebook.

I was in my room the other day and my korean and Serbian roommates were playing the Mafiawars for over 30minutes and I was amazed. The web based games are easier to create and hence are quite a lot in number. There are quite a few popular ones such as Mafiawars, Mobsters, Monsterwars and more can be found here.

Suprisingly, the females beat the males in this aspect as they are major players in this field. According to a survey done by an Information services group, 55% of social gamers are females while 45% are males. The females tend to be more into these social games as im a true living witness. My high school friend who came visiting me spent over an hour on a social game which had to do with buying sexy men from a collection. Awesome!!!!!

These games are so popular and therefore it means the more people playing these games the more revenue for the developers and the social network CEO's.

Social gaming i believe is more fun than single player games because you get to colloborate and do things fun such as partying, dancing, buying sexy men and women rather than killing demons or fighting endless wars with beasts and dare-devil creatures.....scary!!!!...

Would you look at social gaming and compare it to Second life?

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How fast and far can your words travel?

OK Folks welcome back to my Blog !!Hope you are not scared why I had to blog so early, it is because this week is tagged "death week",I got 5 projects due in a week plus a midterm and our itec assignments!!!>>>Had to finish up before weekend!!..

I read the article on the "Anatomy of a Blog Post well received" and I found it amazing....The figures I read from the article were incredible, but the two things I noticed where the use of social networks and the transmission speed of the post.

Our words and ideas are powerful and they go a long way.We might never know how powerful our words are if we dont put them down by writing. The speed on which words spread is incredible; imagine your blog post having 12,000 views within 24hrs. I am quite sure you would think its your lucky day and then probably have a drink or two with friends. That is if your not too excited tho!!!!!

These social tools we talk about are made for us to use them to their full potential. The use of facebook,twitter, linkedIn, delicious, PopUrls, the list never ends enables us to spread information to others in matter of seconds by just pushing the "ENTER" key on your PC.

We should not be scared of putting information out there but be cautious on the content and the ideas we have as our words really travel fast in matter of seconds.

I use only Facebook to send out messages, thoughts and ideas I have but I might have to reconsider adding some extra tools as backup such as twitter to get the messages across to a larger populace....What will you do?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

BLOG today, EMPLOYMENT tommorow

The new resume: Blogging!!!!really tho?? YES IT IS..........

Putting down your ideas and thoughts about different material and issues is the whole idea behind blogging. But the question here is that does it actually tell who you are?

I guess so!!!!Although we are limited in our blogging in our Itec class because we are given topics to blog on, but in the bigger picture we blog on our daily life, stuff that happens around and things that basically interest us.

Blogging is not formal but it does tells a lot of our creativity, shows people how we can communicate our ideas and talk. The blog tells who you are from our styles, language and perception of life as a whole.

Your blog speaks and markets you!!!!!

It's interesting to know that even the President of United states has a blog. We all have a social life outside of work where we need to express ourselves but in doing so, we should be a little bit careful because these blogs travel fast, far and wide and might end up in the hands of employees.

Now look at your blog and think would you get hired if an employee reads it?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Three Magic C's : Collaboration, Communication, Connection

Everyweek in our itec-335 class we are required to post a blog and comment on @ least 3 other people's blog posts and we all are required to have a circle of friends......

This is collaboration and in the 21st century, technology has aided it.

Building relationships and connections with others arises from efficient communication. The use of Blog Posts, video conferences, Facebook, twitter, Smartphone 3G devices such as blackberry, iphone, Second life, Podcasts all help to facilitate this collaboration amonsgt people and companies.

These tools are out there to help us work as a team, facilitate our learning and improve our level of communication between individuals. There are advantages such as improving learning skill, improving communication skill and disadvantages such as distractions and giving out personal information online. But we must utilize these tools and try to use them for the right purposes at all times especially in environment we find ourselves in.

Today's world is practically moving at a fast pace and quite a large number of people seem to be on the ride. Would you like to be left behind?

Note: To learn more on how to be remarkable as an individual click here.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have a "VIRTUAL" dream

Hello and welcome once again to my Blog......I had so much fun during the Spring break @ Miami Beach, i cried while boarding the PLANE back to DC....Now it's time for WORK!!!!

The Second life is a wonderful discovery as it has helped in so many things and it basically an upcoming tool used for connecting the real world to the virtual world. the thing is that every little thing that has an advantage always has a disadvantage......"Google it"...

When placed in position of leadership of a virtual team , we have huge responsibilities and tasks on our hand we must accomplish, the same goes for the real world. For the fact that you are not always physically present for efficient communication between members of your team, you must set aside and think of various ways to bridge the gaps and lapses that exists.

Being able to build trust around your team is efficient but easy if you could be open, treat other members of your team fairly, reward them when necessary, constantly check up team members and properly assign duties to each member of your team and watching their progress.

Dont be quick to judge and remain rational in your decision making. Have you ever wondered what President Obama faces on a daily Basis as the President of the United States??