Thursday, April 1, 2010

Social Gaming : Let's PLAY!!!!

I am so glad to talk about Social gaming....I love games a lot!!!!I hope you do?

The idea behind social gaming is playing games as well as interacting with other people while playing Social gaming has been a great tool used by most social networking sites but the most popular one of them is Facebook.

I was in my room the other day and my korean and Serbian roommates were playing the Mafiawars for over 30minutes and I was amazed. The web based games are easier to create and hence are quite a lot in number. There are quite a few popular ones such as Mafiawars, Mobsters, Monsterwars and more can be found here.

Suprisingly, the females beat the males in this aspect as they are major players in this field. According to a survey done by an Information services group, 55% of social gamers are females while 45% are males. The females tend to be more into these social games as im a true living witness. My high school friend who came visiting me spent over an hour on a social game which had to do with buying sexy men from a collection. Awesome!!!!!

These games are so popular and therefore it means the more people playing these games the more revenue for the developers and the social network CEO's.

Social gaming i believe is more fun than single player games because you get to colloborate and do things fun such as partying, dancing, buying sexy men and women rather than killing demons or fighting endless wars with beasts and dare-devil creatures.....scary!!!!...

Would you look at social gaming and compare it to Second life?

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