Saturday, April 10, 2010

I know the FUTURE>!>!>!>!>!.........

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One is amazed at the beauty and importance of these Social media and networks. The numbers are increasing fairly on a daily basis but they enhance communication, cooperation, build relationships between strangers and a whole lot of other stuff!!!..

If this is the Present,what can we think or say how the future would be?Technology moves at a rapid pace and i am optimistic things will be better.

I read this article "Social Media 2012: 11 Trends You Should Watch" and i found out that these social networks in the future will have predicted trends such as less privacy settings, more social content online such as blogs, photos, videos etc, information about friends or people will be easily accessible and obtained because the use of Augmented reality would be implemented, dramatic increase in the marketing of this social media and networks , creation of new tools and devices to enhance social interactions, more collaboration and engagement and more prominent real-time information from search engines.

I can not wait to know how Facebook will be like in 10 years from now..........

The one thing we should not forget about the future trends of social media is the brain and the human mind behind it. The social media is not going to get enhanced on its own manually, there is the one important factor out there called "HUMANS" who will think, plan, and implement the different changes and predictions about the future of these social media and networks

Everyone has a part to play in the FUTURE of the social media, what is yours?


  1. It is interesting how you bring light to the human mind behind all this technology. I totally agree that the notion of innovation by people is looked over many times when evaluating technology, but it is we who shape the future of technology.

  2. Speaking of the future, I recently heard from a family member who works in the automotive industry, about the implementation of small-scale HUDs (Heads Up Display) into the windshields. After reading your post, it made me think of getting facebook and twitter updates on my windshield!!! A bit too sci-fi for me...