Thursday, April 1, 2010

How fast and far can your words travel?

OK Folks welcome back to my Blog !!Hope you are not scared why I had to blog so early, it is because this week is tagged "death week",I got 5 projects due in a week plus a midterm and our itec assignments!!!>>>Had to finish up before weekend!!..

I read the article on the "Anatomy of a Blog Post well received" and I found it amazing....The figures I read from the article were incredible, but the two things I noticed where the use of social networks and the transmission speed of the post.

Our words and ideas are powerful and they go a long way.We might never know how powerful our words are if we dont put them down by writing. The speed on which words spread is incredible; imagine your blog post having 12,000 views within 24hrs. I am quite sure you would think its your lucky day and then probably have a drink or two with friends. That is if your not too excited tho!!!!!

These social tools we talk about are made for us to use them to their full potential. The use of facebook,twitter, linkedIn, delicious, PopUrls, the list never ends enables us to spread information to others in matter of seconds by just pushing the "ENTER" key on your PC.

We should not be scared of putting information out there but be cautious on the content and the ideas we have as our words really travel fast in matter of seconds.

I use only Facebook to send out messages, thoughts and ideas I have but I might have to reconsider adding some extra tools as backup such as twitter to get the messages across to a larger populace....What will you do?


  1. I agree, words and ideas are definitely extremely powerful and can have a great impact on people and how they perceive you. There are a lot of tools out on the web with which we can express ourselves and they are all tailored differently for different people.

  2. Well said, the real challenge is expanding your word to all the possible parts of your audience. Enter search engine optimization. My only concern is that out side of SEO what else can be done to spread your word even further?