Sunday, March 28, 2010

BLOG today, EMPLOYMENT tommorow

The new resume: Blogging!!!!really tho?? YES IT IS..........

Putting down your ideas and thoughts about different material and issues is the whole idea behind blogging. But the question here is that does it actually tell who you are?

I guess so!!!!Although we are limited in our blogging in our Itec class because we are given topics to blog on, but in the bigger picture we blog on our daily life, stuff that happens around and things that basically interest us.

Blogging is not formal but it does tells a lot of our creativity, shows people how we can communicate our ideas and talk. The blog tells who you are from our styles, language and perception of life as a whole.

Your blog speaks and markets you!!!!!

It's interesting to know that even the President of United states has a blog. We all have a social life outside of work where we need to express ourselves but in doing so, we should be a little bit careful because these blogs travel fast, far and wide and might end up in the hands of employees.

Now look at your blog and think would you get hired if an employee reads it?


  1. I definitely agree that a blog markets your skills. That is exactly what employers are looking for, in the end the person who markets themselves best through their "social resume" will have an advantage in landing the job.

  2. i think you made a great argument for the value of blogs. Nearly everyone is blogging including as you pointed out, Obama. To be able to show a little bit about your personality and file some of your ideas is great.

  3. With the internet becoming a huge part of our lives, it would only make sense that people are hiring based upon your online content. Because the internet can allow one to truly be expressive, mediums such as blogs and online journals can be used as a preview to your personality; who you are and what your thought process is like.