Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I have a "VIRTUAL" dream

Hello and welcome once again to my Blog......I had so much fun during the Spring break @ Miami Beach, i cried while boarding the PLANE back to DC....Now it's time for WORK!!!!

The Second life is a wonderful discovery as it has helped in so many things and it basically an upcoming tool used for connecting the real world to the virtual world. the thing is that every little thing that has an advantage always has a disadvantage......"Google it"...

When placed in position of leadership of a virtual team , we have huge responsibilities and tasks on our hand we must accomplish, the same goes for the real world. For the fact that you are not always physically present for efficient communication between members of your team, you must set aside and think of various ways to bridge the gaps and lapses that exists.

Being able to build trust around your team is efficient but easy if you could be open, treat other members of your team fairly, reward them when necessary, constantly check up team members and properly assign duties to each member of your team and watching their progress.

Dont be quick to judge and remain rational in your decision making. Have you ever wondered what President Obama faces on a daily Basis as the President of the United States??

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