Monday, January 18, 2010

The "TwIsTeD" Face-Off between Reality and Facebook

The power of having a conversation with another person be it a friend or foe is strong. There is always a flow of information which could be rated as the good the bad and the ugly. The words that leave our lips could draw people towards us or drive them away from us........

Facebook is a means of communication; it can be said to be a virtual form of communication where you do not see the person face to face but still interact through chats, messages, pictures and videos. It is highly interactive and you get to locate friends and different people all over the world.

The facebook "virus" is the world's most deadliest virus cause it has affected all over 200million people globally and nobody seems to be bothered about the epidemic. i think i can make my first 911 call in a few weeks...."lol"

The bug has given people more control and access to a lot of shared information about others such as access to pictures, videos, applications, messages and wall posts on different stuff. I mean why not, when you can monitor a friend's daily activities on a regular basis, which may be impossible in the real world, resulting from the lack time and energy.

To conquer the real world, humans require some level of intimacy with another person. Someone to share serious moments, someone to laugh with, share sober moments with...just someone to be by your side. But the geographic, time and communications barriers make this difficult. So guess what?? Facebook saves the day. In our virtual facebook world, we can interact and share a lot of information and memories with the people we want to regardless of their location. Unlike our normal world, where you are limited to your sharing of information due to a number of factors and some personal issues.

Knowledge is key and i personally think the Facebook bug should be spread around the globe to bring this connectivity and information sharing because the world is a global village.


  1. I find it interesting with your take on Facebook as a "virus". I never thought about it like that until now. I guess I can see how it can be related to a bug quite easily now. Facebook gives you access to a lot of personal information of other people, the only difference being the user being able to control what information people can see and who can see it.

  2. Although Facebook allows people to control what other see, how many people actually use these privacy features? How many people even care about privacy. Me personally, you can not search or find me on Facebook unless you are able to go on a friends page. I can search for many people and can either find their page with personal information or can actually actually post or view pictures of that person (creeper). Even employers can do a Facebook search on there employees (my boss did).

    That bring me to the question what type of generation are we? Must everyone be able to read us like an open book.