Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crowdsourcing: Life Made Easy by Clicks and Keys

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Imagine you have all the solutions to any sort of problem in this world and you don't share it with anyone. What do you think you have achieved The answer is NOTHING.

Remember the old cliche......"NO MAN IS AN ISLAND"......

The idea behind crowdsourcing is basically to share information with the globe, pose questions and hope to get answers from different perspectives and viewpoints. It is like going to a Big box, picking items you are interested or in need of, reshaping these items and making use of them when necessary and then dropping it back in the same box as it was, initially or an improved version with one's new ideas.

Gathering information, generating ideas and creating different ways to solve problems should be our motive when visiting Google or Wikipedia, we should look at it as some sort of "GUIDE".
Crowdsourcing should be at loggerheads with quite a few Professors at school because it can be related to the the famous "Copy and Paste" plagiarism technique.Life is really made easy for individuals by the CTRL Button and the C and V keys.
NB: Do not attempt as there are new ways discovered thanks to Crowd sourcing.

The goal of crowdsourcing is to encourage meaningful contribution and participation in shared interests and activities by everybody who has access to the Internet.

So when next you visit Google or Wikipedia, would you be scared to apply those shortcut keys or would you be ready to give your very own contribution to the community?

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  1. I agree with you that at times "crowdsourcing" can be taken as plagiarism. Although, I believe that "crowdsourcing" came about with the intention of finding new solutions to problems, not creating a new problem altogether. I guess it can be used both ways.