Friday, February 19, 2010

The Youngest Charming CEO in the world
I wondered why i had to cut my head off from this charming picture of mine??

I am the new CEO of Me.Inc a company motivated to offer professional and customer friendly services to the world.

Your Brand is the image of your product in the market

The whole idea of Branding is marketing your product or service. Branding is not easy as you must come up with a unique brand name to distinguish your product or service from the market. But, it all starts from a single step that you have to take.

As individuals you all have ideas and stuff i.e products and services to offer no matter how little, big, brilliant, ridiculous, smart, or funny it may seem to be. With the help of social networking tools and the web we can start branding and marketing our products and services ranging from apparel, restaurants, phones, business and accounting firms etc.

We all love rocking popular designer clothings and apparel on a daily basis like Gucci, Louis V, Polo, True religion, etc but would it not be nice someday if you see people patronising your brand?


  1. Branding yourself through your personality is a very important thing these days for employers and even clients. Branding reflects who you are and what you bring to the table.

  2. I agree branding yourself is important, but how do you do it? Building your resume is more important than building your brand in the beginning of your career and job search.

  3. Building your resume and establishing a brand both go hand-in-hand. When you put on a resume that you are a fast paced, efficient and competent employee, you need to sell that come interview day. Don't just tell an employer what you have to offer, show them.